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Compared to what we came to expect from hm it is stupidly hard.

That being said...its exactly what this game needs. We didn't get him down last night...i think closest was 33% but it was fun to not have instant sucess.

I would have been very disapointed to have completed the instance with minor effort the first night.

Ive missed figuring out a stratagy on the fly instead of reading it off some damn page.
We need a better kite path, haha. I checked the Combat logs and I did like 150k of that damage, which is almost all of it. Tough being in there with someone with no columi!!

Wait until you check out the new operation. 1 guild already cleared HM, but that is like the 1%.

As for this boss, I love it. there is a ton of **** going on and you have to be on your toes. I love mechanics based fights. Now we have to figure out what we need to do to actually get past this!!

Lastly, I am glad repair bills went down significantly!
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