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I find it hard to believe that actually being knocked back is what causes the drop in threat (like being pushed away), i'm thinking that when he finishes the knockback cast it'd still drop threat anyway.
Tanked this tonight (SI Assassin)... other than the non-interruptible Power Blast (which your healer has to step up and heal through), threat was not an issue other than during the initial pull when he picked a ranged dps for his initial Power Blast target.

I don't think he's actually dropping aggro/threat during the punch move he does (tank knockdown)... you are likely losing threat because your dps is too close behind you in threat and you are losing threat while flat on your butt.

I'd recommend if this is a problem, perhaps put down a taunt when you see him channeling the punch and that will keep him on you for at least 6 seconds.