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12.16.2011 , 04:40 PM | #111
whoo finally got in .. total wait time 1 hour 39 minutes + the hour 15 minutes i had to wait before dcing 15 minutes after getting in .. crossing my fingers that i can play for 30 minutes before i got to go to bed for work tomorow.. yay wasted one day of game time ;( ---

sorry but it's so so frustrating, keep in mind this is not at ALL as many people as will be in when it's released, it's still limited by the invites thus imagine on the 20th .. servers should of been locked when there was 10% more then the max.. on my server i imagine about 1000 less chars if not more. last q i was in i was place 759 ><

bw please reply with an estimated ETA for upgrading your servers and handling this problem ASAP.