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04.13.2012 , 03:27 AM | #8
We did it in a couple of tries without setting up an interrupt cycle or anything. So if I'm honest, I don't think its overturned. First boss just needs a bit of planning based on your group setup:

Either have an interrupt cycle, also maybe move as a group essentially limiting the area where the blue circles drop, allowing for a much less hectic fight.

Second boss is easy once you work out the mechanics: First everyone stack on top of him during the smash, so that the knockback is vertical (so you don't go over the edge).
And then when he jumps on the chimney/tower things - the tank and dos should run to their assigned console and start channeling. What this does is that every chimney will burn after the 9second cast, regardless of which chimney he jumps to. (so to answer the guy above - its not bugged, its just the tactic is different to what you'd expect).

Third boss took 2 tries, which seemed sort of easy once you work out how to reduce the damage with the little explosive things that he applies on tank, and anyone standing behind tank in a cone.

I would probably say the 1st boss is the hardest, but I wouldn't say its much harder than the 3rd once solid strat is decided.