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Sounds good. Cant wait to try it. Heat management seems like its going to be a pain tho without immolate (still late 20s almost 30) for the free RP proc. I can replace Immolate with FB , or is there a better filler skill in the rotation?
If you don't have PFT yet, than the 12 second rule doesn't apply. Pre-PFT, your rotation on someone should be something down the line of

ED - RS - RP - FB weaving in Rapid shots when your heat reaches 40. You don't really have the big points yet. So you should probably add RB into your rotation for the time being. Honestly until you get immolate get Charged Gauntlets and run your build like this


31 Build

37 Build

At 40 you get Immolate, and you can respec to either lvl 40-No-RS or lvl 40-RS.

Either way until you get PFT and Immolate, you will have to weave Rapid shots and make sure to use your Free RP every cooldown.
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