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04.13.2012 , 12:53 AM | #11
This is awesome. Being a combat log parser evangelist myself, I can't but admire your work. Awesome and very efficient!

May I suggest a few enhancements that would IMHO eventually make this tool indespensable to everyone?

- Since my main is a tank, I'm mostly interested in the incoming damage i.e. block/parry/evade.. sorry deflect =), miss, absorb and damage type stats. A few clever ideas can be found here
- Shocker, the log indicates Force spent (non-force users probably also have their resource exposed)! This allow for best-in-class efficiency metering i.e. damage vs. power spent charts.
- If I'm not mistaken, the log indicates both inflicted and unmitigated damage (as in [Project {..}] [ApplyEffect {..}: Damage {..}](2023* kinetic {..}) <3339>)? This would allow to build a marvelous mob mitigation analysis.
- Adding and maintaining a dictionary of class skill would make damage outputs much more transparent. I.e. little did I know, Telekinetic throw's damage and heal ticks are displayed as 'Crushed'.
- Please make the parser handle the logs offline. Right now it seems the only way is to send the files to the server, but offline would be better.
- The last bit is totally up to you, but if you make the source code available, people like myself could help you debug and improve the software. Plus this would alleviate the task of proving to everyone that your software has no backdoors

Again, GREAT GREAT JOB! Thank you so much for this.

P.S. Oh yeah, did I mention that it worked for 5 hours in the ops yesterday without a glitch? I managed to crash the parser only after I toon-hopped for like 10 times =)