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Dont bother...healers dont work anymore they nerfed them and you cant keep your party healed now... Cast times are long and the heals do nothing. Plus you cannot even get your free force points now, it takes your health away... Great patch.... The weakest toon in the game gets nerfed more great thinking...


SO this is from getting 3 50s from nothing to full rakata on 3 different servers.

Initially, when you hit 50, you will have a lot of problems. Mostly coming from people who are geared. coz they wont wanna run with you coz you dont have gear

Its not so bad when all your guild hits 50 at around the same time which I think is your case.

I personally found that getting PVP cent gear was much easier than anything else, so I went with that. you used to get a full set in a week doing ilum daily and weekly but you cant atm. However, if you have wz commendations now, you should be able to get the pvp gear at around the same time.

Once you have pvp, its just a matter or running the low HMs and 8 man normal ops as much as possible.

FPs not are not locked, you can can do BT multiple times with different people till everyone gets a columi bracers.

Then run Foundry, Apart from HK, it should be nice. HK drops tionese weapon and revan drops Columi boots. once again run with multiple groups as many times as you can to get everyone geared. This will give you enough commendations+crystals for 2-3 tionese items too.

Other ones I would suggest is BP, and FE, they drop GLOVES and chest. if you get enough columi commendations, buy you pants asap. coz D7 HM is feked.

ops are really great, they get a lot more ppl geared more quickly, and are much more fun imo. You need to know fights so study vids, get a vent or mumble server.

Once you get the hand of ops and a few more columi pieces, run HM OPS.