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Species/Race: Sith Pureblood
Name: Taral
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Nickname: Lord Taral
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 8 BTC
Place of Birth: Drommus Kaas
Age: 23
Height: 6’1” ft
Weight: 162 lbs
Hair Color/Style: n/a
Facial Appearance: As a Sith, Taral have the typical facial structure, but with somewhat longer chin tendrils with a few decorated rings on his two longer tendrils. His eyes are serpentine and yellow naturally, but when calling on the Dark Side, they are rimmed red. The right side of his face is scarred from a attack from a Tuk’ata.
Eye Color: Yellow
Body Appearance: With his height, Taral is lean with noticeable muscles, and have other scars from his slave overlord before becoming Sith Inquisitor.
Home Planet: n/a
Current Residence: Dark Messiah
Allegiance: The Sith Order and the Empire
Profession: Sith Inquisitor
Armor/Clothes: As a rising Sith Inquisitor, Taral wear the uniform purple armored robes of a official Sith Inquisitor but wear a face mask of intimidating appearance of a scolding face to give a more mysterious appall to his appearance.
Primary Weapon(s): Curved-hilted lightsaber
Secondary Weapon(s):
Miscellaneous Item(s): Dark Medallion, Sith Focus of Dark Agression

The son of a somewhat long lineage of Sith Pureblood who tried to annihilate their rivals a hundred years after the fall of the Emperor’s agents, Darth Revan and Malak, and were disgraced and enslaved by their greatest rival. Taral, showing a incredible connection with the Force that surpassed many of his ancestors, was chosen by the Sith to become a candidate of rising into a Sith Inquisitor. Seeing this as a clear sign of his destiny, Taral became the most successful and ruthless of his peers, and killed his own personal rival, whom been his pompous overseer’s favorite. With sadistic glee, Taral became the apprentice of a mysterious Sith Lord by the name of Darth Penthus.
A couple years under his new Sith master, Lord Taral has became a skilled Inquisitor with a profound mastery of Sith magic and alchemies. A skilled duelist, particularly in the elegant form of Makashi, Taral isn’t quick to falter, and when that occurs, his refusal to die manifest in the form of barrages of lightning.
How dare you?! Same character name as me! There is treachery afoot!
Well, I guess I can let it slide this once, as mine is a Warrior... :P
Out of curiosity and assuming you see this, what server are you on?