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Hi guys. My guild is deciding to start really focusing on Hard mode flashpoints. i was hoping you guys could answer a few questions and possibly give some pointers.

1. What gear should everyone have to be successful
2. What class makeup do u need?
3. Should HM be done in a certain order?
4. is there an order of difficulty?

Anything else you can think to help us out would be most appreciated.

Thank in Advance.
  1. 126 rating or better. Do your daily missions on Belsavis, Ilum and Coreallia and mod out custom gear with mods from the mission support vendors or use artifact quality crafted gear. HM FPs give Columi which is used in HM Ops to get Rakata. Tionese fills out gaps in Columi.
  2. one tank, 2 dps and one healer
  3. not sure about that one, I do think they increase in difficulty based on the level of the normal mode versions -black talon/esseles being easiest and the lvl 50 ones being hardest
  4. see above
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