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Hey all, do you guys still give feedback? Would be great if someone could advice me on this character, there's a lot of developing to do - English is not my native tongue and this is my second character so I have got a lot to learn.

Would be most appreciated!

Species/Race: Twi'lek
Name: Zaamat
Last Name: Aatov
Nickname: "Swipe"
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Sleheyron
Age: 74
Height: 160 centimetres/5' 2''
Weight: 170 kilos/375 lbs
Hair Color/Style: Long lekkus decorated with black tribal tattoos, resembling leaves, berries and other wild plants
Facial Appearance: His double chins and his general obesity, in combination with his energic eyes and happy smile, would make even the darkest of Sith lords smile upon peeking at his face - old, wrinkled
Eye Color: Blue
Body Appearance: Blue skinned, overweight, big and long lekkus. His back is slightly bent due to his age and hours upon hours spent in the Jedi temple's refectories and gardens
Home Planet: Ryloth
Current Residence: With the return of the Empire and the horrible battle which took place at the Republic's capital world, he got forced into retirement and currently lives off selling his home-grown lipana berries to the higher echelons of the society (Usually influential senators and rich CEOs)
Allegiance: He is a staunch supporter of the Republic and its senators, generals and Jedi
Profession: Jedi dietist and artisan. Before the Sacking of Coruscant, his job as a dietist took him and his Sullustan companion Teep "Swoop" Nytt on travels all around the galaxy in search for exotic, rare products, which they cooked into highly nutricious food and drinks for the Jedi training at the temple or out in the field. This work sharpened their diplomatic minds, having to negotiate and sign contracts with isolated groups on distant planets in order to get to harvest and produce their territorial products. Hence, with decades of experience, Zaamat's diplomatic skills are almost in line with the top-notch diplomats of the order. His botanical skills are second only to the Ithorian masters, and even they are impressed by his innovative mind and creative solutions.
Armor/Clothes: Wears brown Jedi robes, keen on always wearing a skirt and a white apron embrodied with images of wroshyr trees while working [in the kitchen or the garden]
Primary Weapon(s): Lightsabre, green colour - although not much of a fighter, Zaamat is knows his deal in the Soresu lightsabre form
Miscellaneous Item(s): A holocron made by Teek Nytt - with detailed recipes and formulas of Jedi diet

Zaamat Aatov - a heavy tattooed light blue Twi'lek Jedi dietist and artisan who once chose to liberate an enslaved human boy during a culinary study tour all around the planet of Nar Shaddaa and take him under his wing as his Jedi padawan. The boy had been brought as an infant to Wobla the Hutt by Devaronian slavers from an unknown planet four years ago. He was quickly taught the rules - to live with a slave collar around his neck twenty-four hours a day. Obey or suffer.

As a drudge, the boy was constantly pressured by heavy labour to manage the hologardens onboard Wobla's luxury yacht, which at the time was the single, most expensive and exclusive cruiser to be found in the whole system. (Until Wobla's later-to-be rival Yunta the Hutt, had everyone onboard the legendary yacht massacred in a bloody plot to kill Wobla's reputation as being the best party host in The Hutt Cartel - unofficially funded by the Exchange)

With three decks of pure luxurity - five separate cantinas, an invaluable slave quarter with dozen of professional Twi'lek slaves offering everything from massage and escort to target practice for each and every one of Wobla's valued guests and of course the grandeur hologarden on the bottom floor, featuring nothing less than exotic gree technology - the yacht was truely a marvel to behold, a priced possession of the grand businesshutt.

Zaamat was as previously mentioned, on a culiary cruise through the system when he first encountered his future apprentice, Bal Shosa. Invited by the Hutt himself to be amongst the first guests to test new formula for Raxan-worm fluid wine, Zaamat's attention was instantly drawn to the hologarden on the lower levels of the yacht as the Hutt's wingmen guided them around the ship. He asked the other in his crew to continue the tour as he stood still, admiring the technological masterpiece. Astonished by the landscape of the hologarden, with its authentic aromas, soothing breeze and beautiful scenery; the first thoughts which ran through his mind were "How do they tend it, all this exo-tech. Are there Gree present here?", Then he noticed the white haired child tinkering with the ventilation shafts near one of the holoprojectors. "No, of course not" he added as he steered his steps towards the boy.

As he approached the him, Zaamat noticed the slave collar around his neck and empathy slowly reached his mind. The boy turned around and gave the Twi'lek's a curious look, Then quickly looked down in the floor. Perhaps intimidated by his big stature, perhaps not.

He was in any case quick with introducing himself "Bal Shosa at your service, sir" his voice sounded and bowed politely, with his look to the floor. As with most slaves, Zaamat put on a happy face, smiled and reached out his hand in a gesture for him to look up and meet his eyes. Perhaps uncertain, the boy slowly, with care looked up to the big, blue Twi'lek which stood before him.

They got observe each other for a few seconds before the shock collar kicked in an electric shock and shook the boy to the ground.

The rules are clear: Obey your master, do not question your master and DO NOT speak without being spoken to first.

Horrified by the scene and his mind clouded by emotion, Zaamat drew his lightsabre and with the precision of a Jedi cut loose the slave collar, which fell off the boy's neck with a thud, making malfunctioning sounds. "Bzz bzzzzz beep!" then died off.

The boy, who had not yet realized what just happened, stared at Zaamat - with his lighsabre drawn and strained look on his face as the Weequay security guards came running through the holoforest as the slave-revolt alarm sounded. They doubted a moment when saw the Jedi's posture and his weapon before drawing their rifles, aiming them at both the Jedi and the boy.

"Pardon us, master Jedi. You got with the slaves?" one of the Weequay guards said "Come with us" and motioned with his rifle at an entrance near the authentic holowaterfall to the right of them. Zaamat inclined his head, reached down to pick up the unconscious boy and carried him with, off to the guards' security office.

"I want to negotiate" Zaamat told the Weequay guards as they sat down in the yacht's security office. "If my assumptions are correct, master Wobla is very interested in what I have to offer him" he continued and reached for his pockets. "This" he said and revealed a small brown pouch "Is yagaran aleudrupe plant seed. The last time I checked, the Exchange annihilated an entire colony of Duros botanics on Telos just to get one corn of seed from this plant. I have two dozen - and I am sure... that our dear Hutt would certainly be interested in such prestige and stomping their status underfoot by having twenty-four times the resources they have. In return of this boy's freedom". The Weequays looked queried, chatted some inbetween on their native tongue, then spoke "Yes. This is prized by Wobla the Hutt, he spoke much of it... we can deal."

What Zaamat didn't tell them was that the seeds were fake, not some rare seed from another part of the galaxy, no. Just normal grass seeds he intended to grow to feed the Jedi temple's domesticated beasts with.

Zaamat gave the pouch of yagaran aleudrupe plant seed to the Weequays. He lifed the boy up and walked out off the room, off the yacht and to the spaceport where he met his friend Teek, who offered him ride in his cargo ship, used for storing plants and raw materials.

And so they left the planet, the rest is history.

*03:28 Trunkan has finished writing this character biograhpy*

Thanks for reading and hope you like it, as well as have feedback for it.