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The company is exactly that, a company. It is an entity designed from the ground up to produce a profit. If it ceases to do so, it is no longer a company. People are employed, there are share holders, a CEO, a CFO, a vice president and other various employees of the company EA and Bioware. This game is designed to give a product to the masses and to turn a profit. It is not designed to cater to the whining children that have come across from the parasite producing monster known as WoW.

If you do not like the game and the product, then simply stop playing. Would you eat a fruit you do not find appetizing? Would you read a book you do not find interesting? Would you watch a movie that does not excite you or move you? Unless I am forced to do these things I know I would not do so. I enjoy this game, so, I play it. If you do not, then do not. I understand the aggrivation some of you share with the rest of us, but there comes a point where you are not simply giving constructive criticism, but attacking a group of people that must work within the limitations that the job dictates.

You think they don't want to appease every single person playing so they can make as much money as they can? Of course they do, but we live in reality, where not everyone can be happy, just most of us moderately content. We all live in a realm of limitations. Some of the things they may want to do and some of the ideas you propose are the best ideas they have ever heard. And they may bring these ideas to their managers and all the way up the line, but if the money is not given, if the idea is stricken down, if there is little to no support based on the financial rulings of non gaming share holders, than what can be done?

I understand that we all want this game to be perfect, we want this game to be everything that we all want it to be, but the reality is that for the most part all of us want very different things. How do you supposed they reach this goal? Make different servers for everyone with this point of view or that point of view and you pick how you think? That would cost more money and maintenance than it could ever be worth. Who's ideas do they take and who's do they throw away? They pick from the most realistic and economically sound and frugal ideas, because our enjoyment does not give the higher ups of the company their bonus checks.

It might not sound fun, but it is a reality none the less. So before you talk about things you think you know, make sure you understand them first.