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So, with the RS build, what do you suggest stacking? Power or crit, surge or accuracy?
Oooo, good point I left that out didn't I. Hmmm, I think Mapex might have a better answer than I do.

Without any exact testing for RS builds I would say:

PVP: Expertise - Aim - Power - Surge - Crit

I dont' think crit is really going to benefit you past a certain point because you are looking at a guaranteed crit on RS.

PVE: Aim - Accuracy - Power - Surge - Crit

We only need Accuracy for I think RS and Rapid shots, I would have to double check, I sit at 100 tech hit which is FB, PFT, and Immolate with almost no accuracy.

Honestly, I think we will have some tests done by the weekend which will give us a clearer idea as to where we are. I have yet to find my combat log haha.
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