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Not to put too fine a point on it but, lowering the radius lowers the overall damage output, does it not? That is to say... if before you were hitting 4 or 5 bad guys at once and doing x amount of damage, but now because of the smaller radius you are only hitting 3 of them for the same amount of x damage, then overall it's less damage, because you're not doing damage at all to 1 or 2 that you used to be able to hit. Right?

By that rational, it's a pretty sharp nerf.
Yeah, and in PvP you can now exit the radius of DfA more easily.

area covered by a circle is 2*pi * r^2 so we have:

r=5 ; area = 157 sq units
r=8; area = 402 sq units

(units are meters?)

so the new AoE is 40% of the area of the old.

I haven't played 1.2 yet. No doubt it will be interesting PvPing with my BH merc.