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04.12.2012 , 04:32 PM | #1
1.2's patch notes include the following line:

"Diplomacy missions that previously indicated the player was assisting the other faction are now appropriately faction-restricted."

Unfortunately, this applies to the top 4 Medical Supply missions for grade 4 diplomacy missions, which now belong exclusively to republic. I don't remember what the precise yield differences are, but these are the missions:

Dxun's Lost Warriors (costs 1685 credits, yields 46 LS)
Stopping the Leaks (costs 1685 credits, yields 46 DS)
The Great Library's Secrets (costs 1590 credits, yields 46 LS)
Spark of Secession (costs 1590 credits, yields 46 DS)

The Empire's grade 4 medical supply missions are now the following:

Forgetful Minds (costs 1410 credits, yields 44 DS)
Denial of Service (costs 880 credits, yields 42 DS)
Bargaining for Freedom (costs 850 credits, yields 42 LS)
Court of Public Opinion (costs 850 credits, yields 42 LS)
Toe the Line (costs 800 credits, yields 40 LS)
Money Troubles (costs 800 credits, yields 40 DS)
Professional Courtesy (costs 775 credits, yields 40 LS)
In Bad Faith (costs 775 credits, yields 40 DS)

Those are the only ones I've seen after having reset my mission list about 20 times. As you can see, grade 4 medical supply missions for republic characters are now far better than those available to the empire.

I haven't checked if the case is the same for the other tiers, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was.