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Honestly, those numbers are the only thing that matters at the end of the day. Did people complain? Sure, but the numbers are still good.

Really, if people are unhappy, the option is to walk away or eat it. I've cancelled, and so have a couple friends. That's not going to break BW's wallet, but if enough people speak with their money, BW will listen. Numbers people, numbers.
Haha they are offering free month of SWTOR now for people if they don't cancel until after April 24th.

Let's call it damage control.

Meh I'll keep playing the only thing that bugs me are the starting a game with 4-5 people vs. 8 and the match not ending immediately. That's just unfair and has nothing to do with skill/gear/etc. to start with such a disadvantage that's out of your control.
That and Mauraders/Sents needing their damage scaled back just a little bit but I feel that it was a unintentional bug due to buffing Juggernaut/Guardian damage.