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You reduced the radius of Death form Above which was fine but now you ninja nerfed the damage by 30-40%. PLEASE EXPLAIN YOURSELF.
They made merc a JOKE class, you have two choices! reroll a OP class like marauder, sorc, or the most op of them ALL ASSASSIN!
If you dont wanna do that is one option left QUIT! its what i did! no more this stupid game!!!!!!!!!!!
I though bioware was better then this, even after many post by blizzard said nerf arena etc was mistake they still can do something like this is beyond me!!!!
Srsly! nerf don't only suck for pvpers but those who only do PVE too!
And whats worse is there is no arena in swtor, no 2vs2 etc! its 8vs8 cant be balanced really... LOL is all i have to say!

And keep in mind MERC'S are not mobile AT ALL! so this big dmg nerf and on jet boost and so on = we useless!!!!
before i could do around 500k dps one WZ while the op classes even higher! now im lucky if i do 250k, and forget about me killing anyone in 1vs1 now, i struggled like crazy to do it before the patch, now it cant be done as we did not get ANY boost in mobility with the INSANE nerfing they did on us!!!! Before patch i can understand interrupt etc could be looked on as "op" but now lol............
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