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After following this game for several years, many hours of beta and launch with several level 50s and a handful of other alts, I am leaving as well. It is more than obvious at this point that BioWare is in over their heads and has no real direction with this product. When my 7 year old reads the patch notes and questions some of the changes and after I explain them to him further he says "That doesn't make any sense", I know it is time to quit. When he can look me in the eye and say "Dad, that was stupid to do.", I know it is time to quit.

If BioWare wants a purely PvE game that plays like an RPG with a chat box, fine. But come out and just tell us! Stop beating around the bush and stop making these horrid changes. Changes I would expect someone on LSD to recommend and think were a good idea....

EDIT: I just can't stress enough, in the event that someone at BioWare reads this, that my 7 year old son thinks your changes are insane. That some of the features that have been in the game are not right.

His response to people leaving a War Zone without penalty....

"Dad, if someone leaves basketball at recess throwing a fit we don't let him play again."

This was what he said after I explained to him that we lost our WZ because people left, and they won't "get in trouble" (Leaver penalty) for leaving.
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Problems of the First World.

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