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Stupid nerf is stupid though because even a commando with a fully robust rotation was using at least half their GCDs on Grav Round because everything in the gunnery tree is tied to it, and after this change they're STILL gonna do that. My thought is that if they wanted to encourage more active rotations give us a reason to actually use Charged Bolts over Grav Round. Everything in the tree is tied to grav round (whereas only about half of it is tied to Charged Bolts.
Yeah, I agree. If they feel it did too much damage, then fine reduce the damage. But if they felt the rotation relied too heavily on Grav Round, they did nothing to address that. There are still too many other benefits tied to Grav Round. I don't see how reducing the damage and increasing the activation time really affects that, since we still want to keep 5 stacks of Gravity Vortex up, five stacks of Charged Barrel, and proc Curtain of Fire.