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hey thats me. (and not because of the sorc nerfs. the games problems go waaaaaaaaaaaaaay deeper than any class balance issues.)
I cancelled my account in direct response to the WZ changes. George Zoeller lied:

Originally Posted by GeorgZoeller


We've changed the way rewards are given in Warzones (rewards are now based on participation - if you idle, you get nothing), and this has resulted in you seeing some odd values on PTS.

The current credit and XP numbers you are seeing are temporary. In a future patch to PTS, you will provide the necessary data for the system to allocate proper rewards.

Sorry for the confusion here, but it's the nature of the test server to sometimes receive incomplete systems. If we intended the current behavior to be final, you would have seen a patch note explaining this change.

TL;DR: Don't worry too much. You're looking at temporary data. Credit and XP rewards for Warzones, while changed to take participation into account, are not significantly changed from the numbers you've seen before. We expect some changes (as you are more likely to lose games early in your career, so we want to compensate for that), but nothing is finalized yet.