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04.12.2012 , 03:09 PM | #20
I un-subbed but not cause of the bad pvp...or the fact that rated wz's aren't out yet. I un-subbed merely because of the deception & spin of the last minute announcement to keep as many subs as possible before dropping the bomb.

I also wonder how many re-subbed with the 1.2 release announcement...only to find out the reason they did is now gone with no ability to recover the sub fees.

Am I upset with gameplay? Yeah, but things tend to work out over time. My sub is gone because of the poor moral business practices Bioware has chosen to use, nothing more.

Had they said a month ago, hey even a few weeks ago, "this stuff just ain't ready"...I'd appreciate the honesty, and stay subbed awhile longer. Hiding the why I'm gone.
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