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OK, so I read all the complaints and can't be all that bad. The DFA ability has such a long CD, that most are used to other forms of fighting and doing damage anyway. So I goto Hoth to try it out.

A group of normal Mobs, place reticle in between 2 to make sure I hit them, I fly into the air, explosions, and I didn't even touch one of them. They walk around like, there are explosions right next to me...huh...oh well....

So I place the reticle DIRECTLY on one. I actually hit him....and in doing so did ---- dmg to him vs before where I would have brought him down to 1/4 health if not more on a crit. Each shot now doing 300 damage post patch vs 1k damage pre-patch.

So in short an AOE, 8 meter ability now brought to the point of no longer being AOE doing as best I can tell, roughly 70% less damage.

This is a BH's primary opening spell when engaging multiple targets, and it is; as of now, not even worth putting on the hotkey bar.

Due to the long CD on the ability, I submit there was absolutely nothing wrong with it in the beginning. It was used as an opener and would only knockdown the lowest of trash mobs. Understand (directed at Bioware Dev's) YOU HAVE MADE THIS ABILITY A WASTE OF CODE. Exactly WTH were you thinking??

Again I submit, in trying to do whatever the **** you we're trying to do, you screwed it up. Do us and yourselves a huge favor and just put the ability back to exactly where it was....not overpowered, or underpowered. Should you feel you HAVE to do something to it, take the knockback away, not the radius or damage, nerfing either of those aspects eliminates exactly what the ability is supposed to do, high damage in a large radius....the definition of an AoE attack. As of right now it is totally worthless.

So far the BH is the only class I enjoy, and not because I like TM spam, actually just because it was boring doing that I have found much more effective rotations(FM followed by exploding Dart, rail shot, and unload), but noone that plays a BH can not say that this was way overdone. MAYBE the knockback was a bit too much, but it only works on the lowest of trash anyway, so who really cares. The radius and damage were just fine. Now, useless.

End Result: My BH just became a cybertech factory, and I am moving on to the other classes that were already overpowered you decided to BUFF??? A shame since I nowhere near enjoy playing them as much as my BH. I sincerely hope you fix this and fast. I have played every other class, but the BH has the lore behind it, a great storyline, great companions, the list goes on. Please don't ruin it trying to fix something that is not broken.

Last but not least, there are great innovations in this game update, but there are many screw ups...this being one of the worst. Please do not ruin ANOTHER succesful Star Wars MMO. You claim that player feedback is what will drive this game. Well here it is, plain and simple. You screwed this one up bad. Please fix it.

Thank you for taking the time to read what I took the time to write and thank you in advance for fixing this problem.