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It's not a ninja nerf. It was listed in the notes. It hits more times for less damage... Same overall. If the radius wasnt smaller, it'd be a buff. Stop crying while uninformed.
This is incorrect.

No where in the notes does it state that extra tic's were added to the ability. It says this, verbatim:

"Death From Above now has a 5-meter radius to bring its range in line with other Bounty Hunter Area of Effect abilities, and it now begins dealing damage sooner after activation."

Now, I'm not saying what your suggesting isn't happening. I've only used it maybe 3-5 times since the patch, and I can't definitively say right now whether or not I noticed extra tics..

However, I am sure that it isn't doing DRASTICALLY less damage then before. It is still very punishing to people grouped up, as it will still knock a good quarter of there health away.

I would like to see exactly what BW did to it though, they should of been more on the ball with clearly stating what they did to the ability on the notes.
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