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Hey peepz

My boyfriend and i were thinking about what server to roll on. Now bearing in mind i know mostly all the European servers have massive que times i'm kinda prepared for that.

What i was wondering was whether i should roll on PvP or PvE servers?

In the past, on WoW for instance, the PvP servers were always quite good for PvE progression. Oddly enough many of the PvE servers i played on weren't half as good guild wise or community wise. Although in TOR i was wondering whether so far people would recommend a PvE server over a PvP server for flashpoints/operations.

I know it should be as simple as "well you want to PvE roll on a PvE server" but as i said before all the PvP servers i've played on in WoW were better for PvE than the PvE servers were (and i'd like to give PvP a bit of a go this time anyway).

Bearing in mind i'm ideally looking for a server with a nice selection of guilds who PvE and PvP, a good community and is English speaking what do you guys think we should do?

I'd be gutted to have rolled on a server with no guilds who run endgame =( I'm currently playing on Ahto City but am worried about my server choice.
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