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12.16.2011 , 03:50 PM | #30
The problem is how would the game rank players?

Most objectives?

Most defense?

Most damage done?

Most kills?

Most solo kills?

Most healing?

As you can see, 6/8 of the people would be getting extra rewards if you gave one out for each category, and otherwise there would be no legitimate way to decide. The system is smart, but a system cannot tell who the players feel really helped the team along. Sure maybe I scored 5 times in Huttball, but it was that guy who grabbed the ball and passed it to me who was the real MVP.

I say leave it how it is. You aren't getting extreme amounts of extra reward.

Like I said in the last thread - the only people who make these threads are the people who are feeling like they are putting in the most and never getting MVP... truth is that the MVP award is not truly an MVP award, but rather for the player that the team feel most deserves it... whether that be their friend or not.

Don't break a system that is just fine and isn't game breaking.