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this has been happening to me to, and to make matters worse when ever i minimize the game from full screen it causes the frequency out of range for the whole computer not just the game. ill restart my comp and as soon as i hit winddows 7 it will go out of range, ive had to run recovery every time to fix it. what ever it is it ONLY has happened since 1.2 hit, before i never had these issues.
Same here. Something has definitely changed with 1.2.

I have a small bit of advice, but it only works if you can VNC to your PC (I use Splashtop Desktop on my iphone). If you VNC to your PC while it is 'out of range' you should be able to at least reset the main screen resolution.

This isn't a solution to SWTOR problems, but should mean less PC resets.

I am also unable to get fullscreen (windowed) working on the exact same settings as were working perfectly yesterday. On top of this, I have no client_settings.ini file either. (I do have show hidden files on and am administrator, Win 7).

To repeat - these basic functions were working perfectly PRE 1.2, and are not working POST 1.2.