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04.12.2012 , 08:46 AM | #25
I launch the game and BOOM Frequency out of range ...
Reboot computer ... BOOM Frequency out of range ...
Reboot in safe mode ...
Google forums for answer ...
System restore ... fixed computer

But now I'm afraid to RE-launch SWtOR.

I looked at my client_steeings.ini and it already hade my correct frequency (60).
Full screen was set to True so I made that false but ... I dont want to alt-tab or hit the windows key for fear of it changing my monitors native frequency again.

I'm still freaked out because I'm a TECH-TARD and this stuff gives me a heart attack.
I think I will NOT play SWtOR for a few days until they fix this ... how ‘bout refunding me this months subscription for all my pain & suffering.