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@ AstralFire,

This is a great guide on the Assassin! Thanks for posting this here and for all your research.

I started leveling a sin when the game first game out but got quickly bored with the story and lack of interesting companions. Not the best reason to stop playing the class but alas, that's the truth. After getting my Juggernaut to 50 w/ mostly Champion gear, I again was somewhat bored with the fact that the class is so dependent upon smash and w/o a self-healing ability, it has it's limitations in PvP.

After reading through this guide, I've decided to go back and recreate my original sin (yeah... only lvl 9 atm) as even at lower levels in PvP, they have such an impressive survivability.

Just wondering though, how well do you find the madness Sin does against the "warrior" classes? Also, as someone who has a lvl 34 IA, do you find the Sin to be effective against Smugglers/IAs?

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