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04.12.2012 , 01:37 AM | #157
The Easy Solution is to make a 2nd copy of the Codex -text available using the online Help. I mean the in-game, Knowledge Base, accessed using the '?" button on the top-center, icon bar.

That text remains legible, for older eyes, CRT monitors, and Laptop monitors.

It may be that the Codex information currently is simply a Graphic File, of a fixed relative size.
The text may not be able to flow to new margins, when the font is increased.
It would also mean that the displayed text would need to be in a Text Window.

Simple text in HTML files flows, resizes, and wordwraps very well. I never thought much about the formats, until I tried converting TXT, HTML, and PDF into e-Books. For instance, if the Codex information were in a multi-column PDF file, then there are extra steps needed to remove the core-text, before you can publish it to an e-book.