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In my guild, we're noticing the drops is favoring classes that use Aim. We've gotten to the point where we're gearing up our Aim using companions due to the frequency of Aim gear across the board. This is concerning Hard Mode Flashpoints.
This has been my experience as well, which made me look for this thread. Our tank is Aim based and over the last 20 or so FP runs almost all drops were Aim-based. At first I figured he was getting lucky and was happy for him, but now it is getting really annoying and frustrating. 2, 3, 4 drops is a lucky coincidence. 20+ is a statistic. There is definitely some bug in the loot system. Last run he got 4 drops. Meanwhile I don't think I got a single one in all our runs yet.

Now I am not sure if the loot drop logic favors Aim, or if it's based on who picked up the FP quest first (he usually does) or who entered the FP first (he usually does). I plan on testing the last two possibilities. But regardless, this should be looked at. But how do we know if BW is even aware of this bug?