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The Krayt legacy.

I have a Human female smuggler and a Sith Male maurader called Jolnarar and Odynil(Both VERY light side) They have 3 kids, Ki'Po(human), Kaanda(Sith), and Breel(human, Breel follows in his mother's footsteps as a smuggler, and Ki'Po and Kaanda were abducted by slaves at a very young age which made Odynil leave Jolnarar.

Ki'Po was liberated by a Jedi strike force, who then took him into the order. Kaanda was pushed down a ventilation shaft by a slaver, and the Jedi presumed him dead. He survived with his pure hatred for his captors, but was made into a slave for the next couple of years until the Sith noticed his power.

Ki'Po became an incredibly stiff and righteous Jedi who shunned all romance, while Breel became a morally grey scoundrel and womanizer. Kaanda became a very snappy Sith prone to anger, but he almost always did what was right in the end.