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04.11.2012 , 10:58 PM | #30
The common theme here is "It takes too long to get a group". Obviously this is not a large GUILD problem. Additionally, I play on "The Fatman"- which always has a que to get in at peak hours- I still can rarely get a group because after 10 minutes of boredom at the fleet, I give up and go quest. Why it takes too long to get a group:

1.) Most people are not willing to use their play time to spam at the fleet. Dungeon Finder solves this problem.
2.) As usual, there are not enough tanks and healers to get a crew going. Fix this by allowing multiple Specs.
4.) UI features: we want options like " TURN OFF AUTO SELF HEAL" (seriously-how hard is that to implement?). People have there preferences, and even more so in group content. SWToR offers very little in the way of UI options. BW should focus on content, and let 3rd party folks bring in the personal preference options.
5.) Rewards are low. Gear, XP, credits...Could be tweaked. I doubt this has nearly the importance of No Dungeon Que/ No multiple spec options, but it is of concern.

Bioware, thankyou for spicing up an MMO with the story and VO's of a single player RPG. If you want to retain subscriptions in an MMO, however, you have to make it a great MULTIPLAYER experience as well.