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Yodan (Miraluka Jedi Sage) is an old but still powerful Jedi Master who sits on the Council. He worked his way up the ranks from Padawan to Knight to Master and has proven himself among the Jedi to be one of the most honourable and virtuous of the Order. Desaad (Chiss Imperial Operative) is a very high ranking Imperial Officer who works in the Imperial Intelligence organization. He is feared by many as his reach is vast and there is very little that escapes his gaze. It is even rumoured that his skills at manipulation may even lead him to control the Emperor, but none will admit it.

During an operation that Desaad was leading on Alderaan to steal some Republic secrets held by one of the houses, he had his first encounter with Yodan and some troopers who foiled his plans. Desaad and Yodan actually met in battle face to face and Desaad barely escaped with his life. He was impressed with the skill of the powerful Jedi, and was lucky enough to not only walk away from the encounter intact but also with a piece of Yodan’s hair. Being the ever efficient intelligence officer, he quickly began an analysis of his new nemesis. Hoping to discover a weakness that he could exploit, he discovered something more startling. That hidden within Yodan’s DNA lies the secret to the creation of a very powerful Dark Lord of the Sith. And so began Project Underdark, as Desaad became obsessed with unlocking this dark potential.

Desaad hires Stryver (Rattatiki Mercenary) to assist his efforts with Project Underdark. A very famous and ruthless Bounty Hunter, Stryver is well known for always finding his targets. A skill that Desaad is very much in need of, as the secret to creating this Dark Lord of the Sith, is to find the right mate for Yodan. This mate would have to have the right genetic sequencing in order to produce this powerful offspring. Desaad and Stryver searched the galaxy for many months. Desaad was actually drawing the ire of many of the Moffs as he was using lots of the Empire’s resources all for his gene manipulation project. But his obsession over Yodan was strong and he was not to be deterred.

Finally after three years, a match had been found! Stryver discovered a Mirialan female on Coruscant, named Yulia. Yulia was a Republic Commando (wife’s char) at the rank of Major. It had been rumoured she had been Force-Sensitive but just had never gone through the trials and chose instead to fight for the Republic as a trooper. She was only an 83% match for Yodan but as all other matches had never gone above 66% and Desaad was losing his patience, Project Underdark moved into the next phase.

Over the next year Desaad used his extensive resources, technology and contacts to ensure that Yodan and Yulia met and commenced a romance even against the Jedi code. At first Yodan resisted heavily, but with Desaad secretly pulling the strings behind the scenes, Yodan helplessly fell in love with Yulia, and had a secret affair with her. Their union bore two sons. It was at this point Desaad revealed himself to Yodan, and together with Stryver attempted to kidnap the two children, so that they could take them to Korriban and raise them as Sith.

The happy family had been staying on Nar Shaddaa, hoping to stay away from the eyes of the Jedi Council. There they had met a young smuggler named Casso (Human Scoundrel) who was just starting out and was working the local scene, making money doing small deliveries in the area. He had been helping them with out with provisions, when Desaad and Stryver showed up. Desaad revealed his intentions of taking the children as their existence was owed to him and his manipulation of their relationship. A battle ensued, but with the help of the daring Casso, they were able to escape Desaad’s grasp. Stryver was humiliated by Casso and swore revenge. Desaad was incensed and promised to pursue them to the ends of the galaxy. Yulia, not wanting to raise their children on the run, and also feeling guilty that she was keeping Yodan from his duties on the Jedi Council, decided that she would fake their deaths and go into hiding. With Casso’s help, they were able to arrange for a shuttle accident, and Yulia and the children hid on Naboo, while Yodan returned to Coruscant. Yulia raised the children on Naboo to follow in the ways of the Force, to never give into the Dark Side, and to be as virtuous as their father is. Curzon (Mirialan Jedi Guardian), the eldest, decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a Jedi and eventually travelled to Tython to begin his training. While Rodimus (Mirialan Vanguard) decided to follow in the footsteps of his mother and joined Havoc Squad as a republic trooper on Ord Mantell.

Desaad enraged by the deaths of his potential protégés was not going to let Project Underdark become a failure. This time however he wasn’t going to wait years to find a match. He bought a human slave from Tattooine, and through many months of torturous gene therapy and bodily transfiguration, he was able to turn her into a 96% match for Yodan. Then while Yodan was on a diplomatic mission to Corellia, he tasked Stryver with subduing and capturing Yodan. Desaad was able to synthesize an embryo using his slave and Yodan. Yodan was quickly returned to Corellia, not missed, unconscious and unaware throughout the entire process.

The embryo was grown and matured into a human child named Grazod (Human Sith Sorceror - my main) Project Underdark was a success! And so begins our story as Grazod is sold into slavery on Korriban to begin his training as a Sith Lord.

Also found on Korriban is Venkil (Zabrak Sith Maurader) who is also training to be a Sith. While Grazod and Venkil don’t initially meet till later on, when they do and Venkil becomes Grazod’s apprentice, and they become one of the most formidable forces the galaxy has ever seen.