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As many others have said, its basically poor design.

I actually don't want an LFG tool, but, at the moment virtually all flashpoints are launched from fleet. That means that whilst leveling, you aren't on fleet and thus shouting out for groups doesn't actually hit your target audience.

If they, instead, put the instance at the start of each planet that would be much better. For example, picking up Tarel V flashpoint quest at the start of balmorra, it means for the next 5 hours of so of leveling through balmorra you can be shouting for groups / joining groups much more easily because you are still on the correct planet. Up the rewards a bit if needed, but whilst leveling its basically an accessibility issue.

At endgame, its all about rewards. Bioware messed up bigtime by not adding rare loot to the game. So, you basically run a flashpoint a few times, get your columi piece, then never have to return. This is exacerbated by the fact that you get gear easier / quicker from normal mode ops. There basically isn't any reason to run HM FPs beyond fun, which after a few runs, the fun fades.
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