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04.10.2012 , 05:22 PM | #14
If Bioware wants people to do the flashpoints more, they will have to fix a lot of things in the game, to make it more like the PVP system. You queue up, know your time commitment, and have a fairly simple goal to accomplish as a team that doesn't necessarily require a fixed mix of classes. When its over, you are put back where you were and can go on your way. And most of all--everyone is working towards a goal of progression and gear that made it worth everyone's time even if you failed, but even more worth it if you win. They already have "heroics" in the game, but the travel time/communication issues kind of make it hard for people to get together.

Once people are grouping in PVE more regularly for the "heroics", it becomes easier to get to know other players for trying the more traditional, longer style flashpoints they already have in the game. But it feels to me that unless you were lucky enough to roll on a populated server or were levelling with a rush of other players, you're off by yourself and no one trusts each other to even try half the content that is out there. People re-rolling aren't always as motivated to repeat every flashpoint as well, so Bioware may have overestimated the degree to which different storylines and classes encourage replay of group content in PVE.