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This is a mix of a lot of things people have pointed out. The meta cause is bad design.

This is while leveling...

First up, the flashpoints are accessed from the Fleet, the players in that level range to do the flashpoint are on a planet somewhere doing quests. Where should you go to try and form the group? Planet hop? Sit on Fleet?

In most cases it ends up being the fleet. Who wants to sit in fleet for half an hour spamming /1 hoping the people you need to form a party wander by. That is not fun and in no ways enjoyable, esp if you have limited play time. Game needs some sort of LFG tool, they have one right now but as anyone who has tried to set an LFG comment knows, its bugged.

Another factor in getting your group together is the requirement for a specific role, Healer and a Tank. Lots of people play healing and tank capable ACs, lots of people would even like to heal or tank. But it is much faster and less tedious to level as a DPS spec. Add the ability to duel spec. You can stay DPS for solo leveling and then fill a tank/healer role in group content with out having to run back to fleet, respec, redo your bars and then run back to the group content.

For a game with a lot of group content, Heroic quests and flash points it fails utterly supporting that play style.

My second 50, didn't even run a single end game flashpoint, just unsubbed for a month. Picked it back up to level one more toon and hope GW2, PS2 or something else is around when I finish. No plan to sit around begging in /1 for group mates while being bored on the fleet.