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Hoping you guys can also help out with a rare set that I have heard is out there. In advance I don't have a huge amount of details on what it is called.But someone on my server (Frostclaw) has been advertising for items from this set and appears to have 2 of the 3 parts already.

The set is a random drop on Hoth. Level 36 light Orange armour. Not even sure if it is even a schematic but would be interested to find out more about it in case I can engineer schematics later on if it is not.
The level 36 Light World Orange Drop is Supreme Inquisitor. It's the most desirable light set because it's the only one with a classic look that has pants with chest robe over it. I have a full set for my sin. The next set up is the Grand Inquisitor which also has some interest.

It's not available via schematic. I have to full sets of it waiting in my bay for when they allow RE'ing of world drops.
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