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04.10.2012 , 10:45 AM | #9
I happen to enjoy Flashpoints, especially when lvling. But what holds me back from doing them are a few things:
first and foremost Time, whether its me being impatient and not wanting to wait 30mins for a group, or I dont have the time to do the flashpoint (some take 1hr + i hear).
Second is the fact that there all of 2 tanks per a realm, exaggeration ofc (forgive my awful spelling). But its true, when you form a grp you see all of 2 tanks on /who and they arent your lvl half the time. There are a bit more healers around than tanks, i assume because in pvp a healer is as useful as a dps.
Third, this may apply only to 50, it gets very repetitive doing the same three over and over. This my just be my realm but ALL thats ever pugged is HM Foundry, HM BT, and HM BP. I rarely see Fallen emporer, Battle of illum or Koan being pugged and when I do i dont have time to join. The point is you can only suffer through BT so many times before it annoys you too much to bother.

I find it hilarious though when i decide to form a Social run grp (aka run BT over and over on my 50) and dont get anyone wisping me, not even lower lvl people who would only benefit xD i mean i jump on those runs when i see them on an alt.

anyway I think its less people dont Want to do them its more they dont have the time or decide to pvp because its a HELL of alot faster.