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04.10.2012 , 10:31 AM | #8
I'd be all for doing flashpoints. It is just hard for me to find a group (part my fault due to odd hours of play). I think difficultly with flashpoint grouping highlights the problem of getting any sort of group going with a random bunch (not guildies/friends).

Really they need to work on rewarding people more for grouping (maybe apply the XP boost from being in a rest area concept to social points, in essence the longer you are in a group the faster you build social points). The bar could start at full boost and then slowly decrease if no group conversations are engaged in X amount of time.

I know it is taking an idea from a completely different genre but take the Battlefield 2142 squad system of granting extra XP for following a squad leader's orders/helping squad members might also help as an added incentive to group (more XP if you kill an enemy/accomplish a quest objective for quests shared to the group and/or heal/guard/kill assist a group member).

Anyway I think if people felt there was a benefit to grouping shortly after logging on even if it isn't with guildies/friends flashpoints and everything else might work better. Sure a few groups will be formed that are terrible players but there would at least be more incentive to join a group of total strangers.