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04.09.2012 , 05:59 PM | #211
Thanks mate for the reply, so Project and KT arent used much as Balance either?
Its strange because whilst leveling they were my main tools for dps.

1 on 1 now in pvp as Inf. I get hammered but I think thats because I suck at pvp fullstop so the DoT's may help improve the dps output there.

By the sounds though Balance is reliant on a group dynamic and is a lot weaker solo, I still use Qyzen and even at 50 for the dailies I'll use him so maybe he will compliment Balance better.

But Balance sounds better as a ranged spec, would that be right to say?

Still undecided which way to go though so hopefully I'll get some more feedback to help make a decision but I'am leaning towards the change