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Wrong! World boss loot (at least for Imperial players) is BoE all the way through at least the Nar Shaddaa world boss since 1.1.5. I can confirm from having solo'd all these bosses (Can't solo any higher level ones as a DPS Jugg - no heals. /sad)
You can get the world boss on alderaan down easy,as Veng specc Jugg. Wear 2 items from the jugg PvP vindicator set, rest is columi dps gear, ram your tank gear on broom and dps it down. Use intercede off cd on Broon for the 8% hp heal. If you try to use Quinn your screwed as world bosses keep comps feared for entire fight and quinn dies fast from aoe. Broon in half decent tank gear should live for entire fight.

The next level world boss (another robot on Quesh) hits a fair bit harder, can get it close but not quite, it kills broon at about 30% hp. Think its doable with full rekata gear on broon.

I have had one item that was BoP from a world boss, rest were all BOE and my alts had uses for them. Plus it beats the endless queing for Wz once you have completed both the raids in one night.