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Several months ago I pre-ordered the SW:TOR CE. I was very excited about this game, and after playing for the last 2-3 days, I remain excited. Somehow Amazon managed to get me my CE today instead of 4 days from now. I'm not sure how they did this, or if it was allowed, but I've opened the box, put my codes in, and I'm not complaining about getting it early. The rub came at the first step I've listed. When I opened my CE box, something seemed amiss:

Perhaps this was intentional, an effect to illustrate the creeping insidiousness of the Sith and their dark ways. I held out hope that the little authenticator could overcome. However, closer examination worried me:

The corruption appeared to be more extensive than I had thought. But, like a true Jedi, I had faith in the little authenticator, that it would do the right thing for the Republic (of me).

Sadly, my faith was misplaced. The little authenticator had succumbed to the temptations of the Dark Side, and was beyond my reach:

On a more serious note, this is completely unacceptable. None of the other contents of the box were damaged, and the packaging was completely free of any blemishes. This implies that the product was damaged during packaging, and Amazon and UPS were in no way to blame. The lack of care is, quite frankly, both disheartening and disappointing. Considering both the amount that was being charged for the CE, and the types of fans that purchase CEs in the first place (Yes, I know, we're quite insane), one would think that all possible care would be put into making sure that something like this didn't happen.
Random thought, but something I've seen in the past. Those little authenticators sometimes have issues when going through areas of extreme cold/heat and/or altitudes. I know this from experience and having authenticators for years. I work in the silicone valley and had one die while in flight. Had another die when I went to Reno over the pass. It was 80+ degrees in the valleys, but near freezing over the pass. I guess the temps killed the authenticator because I left it in the trunk.

Not saying that you getting a damaged one is acceptable, but simply some food for thought.
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