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but I am saying that "lore" is only a justification.
Lore is not a justification. It's the primary reason for doing it the way they did. There are a number of cases where my female smuggler has been called ma'am, or refereed to as her or she.

So the idea that they didn't to it because they are lazy or to save money simply doesn't wash. However the fact that refereeing to everyone as Sir, Lord or Master has been part of the established lore for 20+ years now.

There is no doubt that calling everyone sir saves them a few bucks. But that is not why they did it, because they did do it in some cases, and to do otherwise with troopers and the like would be breaking with Lore. Something Bioware has to be very careful about because they break with lore too much and they get their right to use the IP revoked.