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I'm glad that greys drop items also. DAoC was like that and it made it so that you could go back and pick up trophies from mobs I missed on the way through.

I think most games should be like that though. As others have said, you usually can't drum up enough interest to take it down when its level appropriate. It also brings in 50's that want to do them either for the stuff, or just out of boredom (which I do at times on any mmo I'm on.) It's definatly not required but, I usually send out a zone all and say I'm going to take it down if anyone wants to join. I usually do the same if I feel like farming a zone group content or low level dungeon. Just as long as I state before hand that I want the crafting materials or whatever else I may be after.

Where I can see this being relevant in TOR is if crafting patterns are dropped by the world bosses in 1.2. I thought I read that they do but, I don't feel like going through the posts to see if they do.
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