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Thank you for this.

When I started looking at this with my artificer I saw that when I compared the level 49 enhancements to the level 47 ones the primary stat (accuracy, alacrity, shield, surge) is increased at the expense of their secondary one (absorption, critical, defense, power).

For example just looking at the basic greens:
Initiative 21: 12 endurance, 24 accuracy, 20 power - level 47
Initiative 22: 13 endurance, 28 accuracy, 19 power - level 49

This seems counter-intuitive to me, especially as in many cases it is the secondary stat that I want to increase on my character or companion. As a result I often favor the level 47s, even though the overall stat bonus is lower.

My picks from the list are a mix of Protection and Sturdiness for my tank characters and Initiative for heal/dps companions.
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