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04.09.2012 , 01:34 AM | #30
I, too, was caught unawares by the way the game changes the name I input to something different.

I input a Legacy name similar to "van Heusen," but it didn't like the space character. So I changed it to "vanHeusen," and it gave no indication that it wouldn't accept that. After confirming that it said "vanHeusen" in the confirmation window, I accepted it.

Imagine my surprise when it appeared over my head as "Vanheusen," the game having chosen its own version of how the name should be capitalized, never mind what I input and what the confirmation window confirmed... how rude!

Why restrict Legacy names? they have no actual functionality in-game (chat, grouping) like regular character names do, so why not allow customers to actually choose their Legacy names unrestricted?

I just don't get the logic... BioWare should rethink this, remove the capitalization restrictions on both character names and Legacy names, make sure all name-confirmation windows show EXACTLY what the name will be in-game, then give everyone one free character and Legacy name change with subsequent changes as paid services.
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