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Species/Race: Human.
Name: Draykos.
Middle Name: Ecosi.
Last Name: Solrac.
Nickname: Dray.
Gender: Male.
Date of Birth: 24 years before whatever year SWTOR started in.
Place of Birth: Capital City, Naboo.
Age: 24.
Height: 5'9.
Weight: 165 lbs.
Hair Color/Style: Light brown.
Facial Appearance: Normal, tan.
Eye Color: Brown.
Body Appearance: Average.
Home Planet: Naboo.
Current Residence: Jedi Temple, Courascant.
Allegiance: 1. Galactic Republic. 2. Family. 3. Himself. 4. Light side. 5. Jedi Order.
Profession: Jedi Knight/Guardian.
Lightsaber combat style: Soresu.
Armor/Clothes: Jedi Knight's robes.
Primary Weapon(s): Revanite's Lightsaber.
Secondary Weapon(s): Force projection abilities.
Miscellaneous Item(s): n/a.


Carrying on the new generation of Solrac force users, Draykos Solrac is Markos Solrac's younger brother by 4 years. Taken to train in the Jedi Order at the same age as his elder brother, Draykos seems to be carving out a different path with a still unknown destiny. He followed the progression from Padawan to Knight at the same rate, & years as Markos almost. 5-23 Padawan, Jedi Knight at 23. A loyal & dutiful Republican, he openly & very vocally calls for increased funding, & a Senate vote on conscription to boost the Republic Military's strength against what he sees as the better financed, numbered, & disciplined Imperial military. He has also started calling for an increased Jedi Order role & influence in the Republic leadership. Perhaps even harkening back to the days when Jedi themselves held the Supreme Chancellorship. He is a secret, deep admirer of Revan, before his fall. He views these as the loyal, rational, & necessary actions needed to save the Republic from its "internal corruption decay & ultimate Imperial annexation if our course isn't much changed, & fast." His Jedi Masters view them as the actions & ideology of a greying Jedi on the verge of a dark fall.

Draykos passed the Jedi Trials, notably with flying colors, better than his brother. This is likely because they emphasize lightsaber combat & skill. Draykos favors this over developing his force abilities currently as opposed to Markos, who showed more interest in the force. Adding to his master's angst of him, Draykos is also known to like to drink, & womanize. A perfect storm for a clash with the Jedi Council seems inevitable.....
Nobody expects the Sith Inquisition!
Guild: Imperial Army.
Darth (Markos) Solrac: LV 50, Dark Sith Sorcerer.
Draykos Solrac: LV 29, Dark grey Jedi Guardian.