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1. Insulation can get damaged, and too much insulation restricts movement.

2. Vader lost against the Galen (clone) you can argue that Vader wasn't trying all you want, fact is Vader LOST.

3. Vader had either superior numbers with him or was dealing with one on ones. Revan faced overwhelming odds without much in the way of backup.

4. You make it sound like he soloed everyone in the temple, he didn't, he was being supported by a clone army.
um you should go back and watch ep 3 again. When Obi-Won watched the Halo Recording they showed Anakin facing two Jedi at the same time. He didn't just kill the Jedi at the Temple he slaughtered them.

As for who is more powerful, Anakin or Raven that depends on what version of Star Wars you look at. I don't take the comic books, novels, and video games in to account. There interesting but I don't consider them cannon. Lucas never took the comic books, Novels, and video games in to account, he has stated that.

I'll prove my point. The Republic was well over a thousand years according to comic books, and video games, and novels. However in ep 2 there two critical lines that not only tells us how old the Republic was but when the last great war.

When Palaptine is talking to his aids and the other Jedi at the start of EP 2, he stats that he will not let the republic that has stood for a thousand year be split in two. This was a pretty exact age in his comment. He didn't say over he said stood for a thousand years.

Now one could argue that there were several versions of the Republic however it still the Republic. That would be like saying the Roman empire wasn't the Roman empire cause it went through great changes and was rebuilt, no it was still Roman Empire. Same is true here. Even if the Republic went through some great change it would still be the Republic.

Palaptine said hands down that Republic was a thousand years old. His statement was clear and to point.

The next critical line actually has two parts, one is when last great war but also when the Republic was formed.

One of the Queens aide states that there hasn't been a full scale war sense the formation of the republic. Now the last great war was a thousand years ago, no one can dispute that even Lucas has stated as much. So if the first part is true then it would have to mean that the Republic was formed around the same time.

All these lines in movie were Lucas way of telling us that while he allows the books and comics and video games to expand the Star Wars Universe they are not his vision of Star Wars. They are our vision of Star Wars. His vision of Star Wars exist only in what little he has told and in movies.

When you throw out the books, comics, and video game content the movies take on a whole new mean. That is just my thoughts on the subject.