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04.08.2012 , 03:50 PM | #4
I just spend 1 hour and 120k of credits trying to kill Malgus in FE HM coz he was bugged as ****.

- people could not target him
- he was physically somewhere else than his image
- he randomly jumps to his throne
- a random death of a player ? still no clue what happened there (he neither dropped nor got focused by the tank, just died)
- people getting pushed INTO a wall and being stuck there
- he randomly teleported in the map (not jumped but teleported lol)

not mentioning the prior run of Maelstrom prison and the beloved "shoot through crates and one-shot people" boss, where people also randomly get stuck around the grates.

So I just decided to cancel my sub since I don't like PvP, waiting with alt levelling for 1.2, and the only thing I enjoy (FP) are bugged beyone belief. Deffo not going to be paying money to get frustrated, can get that IRL for free ^^

For anyone who wants to laugh till they cry!