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04.08.2012 , 03:10 PM | #1
Its probably been posted upteen times .. but i feel the need to air my frustration.

Working our way through HM D7, got to the Interrogator and we get multiple copies instead of the single scanned copy .. we gave it 4 attempts before calling it .. When there are two scanned copies spawning, and two Sith warriors spawning out of the other chamber (and we're Republic) at the same time.. it gets a bit daft ..
So we wasted an hour.

Surely guys for a game which revolves around group activity .. you get the group content working as intended asap.. sure there will be bugs but 5 months in the end content should be fixed. Yes youve a nice storyline n all that.. but if we cant get to the end of an FP because of poor design.. the storyline counts for very little.

Im praying 1.2 is going to address a lot of end game content issues!