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04.08.2012 , 12:07 PM | #12
Leveling is pretty easy, the occasional fp,pvp and space sessions help a lot. Basically in a timeline, it would look like that :

1-10 : 1 day

10-20 : 2 days

20-30 : 5 days

From level 30 to 50, its about a 2 level progression a daily roughly, so all in all, 10-15 days to be generous.

Make the math and from level 1 to 50 it would take approximately 18-23 days. Call it a month for good measure.

If you are a casual gamer and taking your time, multiply it by 2 and if you are a "pro" or doing an alt, you'll be looking at 3 weeks-ish.

All perfectly doable and respectable. Nobody wants a mmo where people reach top level in a week afterall